Fast logout

The time then someone is logged in is very short. I read that this is set in WordPress (14 days), but when using HivePress and RentalHives users need to log in again after a very short idle time. I tried to extend the login session with a week with a codesnippet, but still i’m logged out after a vew minutes. Was can i do?

This is strange, we set the “remember” parameter by default in the WordPress login function so it should work the same way as checking the “Remember Me” option hivepress/class-user.php at master · hivepress/hivepress · GitHub

Please make sure that there are no caching plugins or other solutions that may cause this issue (e.g. by showing a cached website version which is the same for all users, showing the Sign In link).

There are no caching plugins running!

There may be something enabled on the server level by the hosting provider (e.g. WPEngine, EasyWP have server-side caching). Unfortunately there’s nothing we can change regarding this in HivePress because we use the core WordPress function for logging users in, and we pass the “remember” parameter which should keep users logged in for 14 days.

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