Favorites shortcode

I’m trying to insert the contents of the My Account page into another page, so, can you help me to create a snippet to turn the Favorites tab content into a shortcode? I want to insert this shortcode and get all the favorites of the user to appear on the page.

Unfortunately there’s no such shortcode, but you can try using the Templates feature to override any HivePress layout instead of creating separate pages from scratch Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube Please note that this feature is still in Beta, let me know if you notice any issues.

The problem is that I’m trying to integrate the Hivepress plugin with Buddypress. I managed to add a custom tab at the Buddypress profile page, but I’m struggling to put the content of the Hivepress profile page on those tabs. Maybe there’s a function at the code that returns the content displayed, so then, I can create a shortcode to display it in any page.

Sorry, there’s no way to merge both because there’s no option to re-create the HivePress account pages outside of HivePress, it registers specific URLs and templates that correspond to these URLs (e.g. “/account” URL and its sub-pages). It’s possible to customize any layout within HivePress, but re-creating its pages separately is not possible in the current version.
I highly recommend using HivePress as a standalone solution because using it with BuddyPress may cause performance issues, as far as I know both plugins have duplicate features (e.g. the account page, probably email notifications, etc).

Is it possible to add an iframe to load the account/listings page inside the other page?

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this because an iframe would also include the site header & footer. The possible solution may be just including the HivePress page link to the BuddyPress account menu (e.g. “/account/favorites”), there’s no option to move or merge HivePress account page with another plugin’s page.

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