Feature Images on Custom Pages

I am not sure if it’s only me but when I use a custom homepage, I am unable to get the feature image to work. Feature images work on default HivePress pages e.g. listing category pages.

Also notice that if I create a template for vendor page, I am able to adjust the layout of elements but the listings doesn’t work, even when I add every element to the page.

Thanks in advanced

This depends on the theme you’re using, but you can try adding the Read More separator to the page content, any content above this separator should appear with the featured image background.

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Thanks for the prompt response.

I am using ListingHive theme.

Have tried adding the Read More block but it did not resolve the issue of feature image not being displayed on custom pages. Any other ideas?

Adding Read More also didn’t resolve the Listings not showing under Vendor profile page. I wanted Vendor details centred across page and listings displayed under it instead of pushing the vendor profile to the left.

This is the only way to do this, if you mean the header background section like here on the home page https://listinghive.hivepress.io/ it’s possible if you add the Read More separator and content above it, then this content will be displayed in the header section, where the background can be set as a Featured Image (or globally in Appearance/Customize/Header).

Please let me know if you created a custom template in HivePress/Templates for the vendor page, because the default template shows vendor’s listings on the right Listings by Brian Peterson – ListingHive

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