Featured image of a new listing is not set

Hello! When I create a New Listing with the information about the house that is for rent, the thumbnail of the listing stays grey instead of showing a picture of the house, Do you know where I have to upload the picture so it shows? I attach a screenshot of what exactly aI am referring to.


I replied via email, but I’ll copy the reply here if someone has the same issue:

Please upload images in the Images field while adding a listing. The first of these images should be set as a Featured Image automatically (to replace the grey placeholder image), you can also try dragging the uploaded images and re-ordering them, the first one should be set as a featured image in any case when you save changes.

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Thank you so much for your help, it worked!

Could you also help me to put the block “Reviews” in the specific page of each listing? I don’t know why the reviews do not appear under the pictures of the house and the description text, I can only see the block “Related Listings”.

Sorry for the delay. If you installed HivePress Reviews extension and there’s at least 1 approved review for a listing, the Reviews section should appear - no extra actions are required.

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