Featured listings showing more then set in settings

I have setup 30 listings per page and 2 featured listings
On the category or filter page the first 2 listings on the 1st page are featured, then scrolling down there are mixed of normal and featured again.
There are 44 listing total of which 19 are featured.
This looks like a bug


Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, make sure that caching is disabled for logged-in users.

I don’t use a caching plugin while in development, and I’ve disabled other plugins but the problem persists.

Yes, featured listings may still appear among the regular listings below if they don’t fit into the randomly assigned spots at the top. This gives featured listings regular exposure in the normal pagination + extra exposure within the top spots if they randomly fit there on page loading.

Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks @ihor

But I still have problems with featured listings as I’m testing.
All the featured listings are still featured even though i have set up 1 day


For example, this listing was made on 2.11. and the featuring date was correct, 3.11. because it should last only 1 day, but it has not stopped beeing featured (all of them are still featured)

Shouldn’t the cron job handle that?

Also, I’m not receiveing any alert for Saved searches i have set up.
It’s not because of third-party plugins. I have tested.
I have installed the WP Control plugin which shows the events from cron jobs, and I don’t see any from Hivepress.

Yes, if there are also no alerts and you see listings with past Featuring Date then this is most likely a cron issue, please check scheduled actions in Tools/Scheduled Actions. You can also disable all third-party plugins, some plugin may also register its own cron that conflicts with HivePress.

I don’t know what should be in Scheduled Actions, I have this in Pending:

Sorry for the delay. Please let me know if there are any actions in the Failed tab.