Featured status doesn't work if you buy it from the store page

If a user buys the featured status from the store page(this is the page that Woocomerce made) he can’t use it for his listing, it works only if he buys it from the featured status button (this is the button that I mean > Screenshot by Lightshot ) . Is there a way to let the user use his featured status that he bought from the store page ?

Unfortunately there’s no such option because when the user clicks the Feature link or icon, the listing ID is saved for the current checkout (so HivePress features this listing once the payment is completed). When users buy a WooCommerce product without a listing context, there’s no way to determine which listing should be featured.

Okay, but the featured status is shown in the store page Screenshot by Lightshot , how can I solve this ? If the user buys it, it’s like he paid for nothing :smiley: if you know what I mean

It seems to be a WooCommerce store page, it’s not used in HivePress (WooCommerce is used for checkout only, it’s product pages and other layouts are not used at all). Please don’t add the WooCommerce store page anywhere, e.g. main menu, footer menu, you can even try un-publishing it since it’s not required.

The Woocomerce made automatically a store page, after I created the products. Can you tell me how can I unpublish it? I could do it on my own without asking, but I don’t want to ruin anything.
Also, can an attribute do more things ? For example an attribute that can have both a text and an attachement. I need the user who wants to list his property to specify what kind of rooms he has and add some photos or facilities available in the room, like in this picture Screenshot by Lightshot

Please try changing its status to Draft in WordPress/Pages section.

You can add custom fields to the listing form in Listings/Attributes (mark them as Editable), please try using the available types, it’s not possible to combine 2 fields in one but there may be a workaround.

Sorry for the late reply, what do you recommend me to do ? Is there a way to make it like in that photo, to make a table with multiple attributes?

Unfortunately this would require a custom implementation, there’s no such repeatable attribute type at the moment (where each row contains a few other fields).

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