Features for time-based bookings

The hourly bookings really need:

  • Pricing tiers

  • Minimum hourly booking (eg “a minimum booking of 2 hours is required”)

  • Daily Pricing fix (I opened a previous topic where you told me there’s this bug that when setting a daily price for hourly bookings, the daily price for the hourly bookings don’t update even if the price is different for a certain day)

- Variable Pricing (is not working either with hourly prices :/)

  • Discounts applied ALSO to hourly bookings (now the discount is just “per booking” / “per day”)

  • Extras applied ALSO to hourly bookings (now the fee is just “per booking” / “per day”)

I think this would REALLY improve the results of a lot of websites using HP out there.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, actually all of these fixes and improvements are planned for the Bookings extension. We’ll try to deliver them as soon as it’s possible.

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