Field Order

Hi, does anyone know how to rearrange the order of the attributes on the listing page? Thanks!

This seems to me like it should be a basic feature. Even if there was a paid management plugin, it would be worth the purchase.

If you mean listing attributes which are visible to regular users then please try to change the order for each attribute in Listing/Attributes. When you edit an attribute there is a Post Attributes box with the Order field. Please try to change its value for each attribute

I did try the Post Attributes box with order field but seemed to have no effect. Perhaps I wasn’t doing it correctly.

I worked with it a bit more and figured it out. Would be great though, to have an extension that allows one to visually rearrange the attributes in the list.

Please make sure that you set custom numbers in the Order field for attributes, these numbers will define the field priority. If the field order remains the same on the front-end please make sure that the website is not cached, this issue may occur with caching plugins.

Thank you, it’s working for me now.

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