Filters and social media links are not displayed

after an update there are filters gone on this site: Retreats - Find your retreat
Backend datas did not change but user cannot filter in the frontend.

And vendors can include their social media profiles. After the update the links are not visible in the frontend.

Can you please help?

Please let me know which update you mean, there were no recent HivePress core updates. Were there any third-party plugin updates or maybe customizations?

I think it has to do with third party plugin updates. But I can not find the solution so that users can see filter and social media profiles in the frontend.

Please send a link to the Listings page on your site, we’ll check it through the browser developer tools, but unfortunately fixing issues caused by third-party plugins or customizations is beyond our support scope. If you have a backup of your site created before the third-party plugin updates, I recommend restoring it if possible.

Thanks for your reply. The link to my listing page is Retreats - Find your retreat
And the social links have been displayed below the website link on this page Anbieter Archiv - Find your retreat

Sorry for the delay. Please check if at least 1 attribute is marked as Filterable in Listings/Attributes section, also attributes shouldn’t be assigned to any categories to appear by default.

Let me know if you use our HivePress Social Links extension or you added social links as attributes, because our extension doesn’t show links in the listing/vendor block (it shows social links on the listing or vendor page). If these were custom attribute please check if they are assigned to the Block display areas.

No worries.

Attribute price is marked as filterable. Please see screenshots. Filter possibilities appear only at listing categories but not at listings site itself.

I don`t have the Social Links extension. I added them as an attribute. Thanks for the solution. I did not choose the blocks. But it does not look any good… please see screenshot. Is there any chance that it will be displayed without the https (as well as with the website) and that it is in one line? Or is it better to use the Social Link extension?


Please provide more details, do you have these attributes linked to categories?

yes, I have! Perhaps it has nothing to do with these updates…
I implemented a new category and therefore it was necessary that certain attributes are linked to special categories.


Please provide details on whether the issue related to filters has been fixed. Yes, you can restrict attributes to categories, but if you need to have all attributes displayed by default in the search, we recommend not assigning categories.

no, it has not been fixed.
Thanks for your input but I need to assign categories.


Please note that if you select at least 1 category on the right when editing an attribute that has the Filterable feature enabled, it will appear in the filter form only after you select this category during the search, by default, it will not be displayed.

Thank you.

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