Force buy plan before registration

Hi! I need for users of the site I’m building to A) Pay for membership (Buy a Plan) and also B) Pay per listing. If someone just goes on the site, all they should get to see without registering is the front page, policies and so on, possibly the Listings page.
That’s the reason I bought the Memberships Plugin, and now, if someone clicks on an ad, they have to Buy a Plan to see more.
All fine so far, BUT:
Anyone can get around choosing a plan, just by clicking Ad Listing. They get redirected to Login page, and there they can just Register account.
This makes the whole Membership-thingy pointless… - The whole point is that the site needs to be exclusive, users need to pay to be a member.
So after, or rather before, registering, I need them to have to Buy a Plan.
Am I missing something? And if not, can you point me to a plugin that does what I need, and is compatible?
Kind Regards


If you need to redirect users after registration to purchase a plan, unfortunately, this is not possible, it will require a custom implementation. Currently, only the following restriction options are available from the Memberships extension: How to set membership restrictions - HivePress Help Center

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