Forcibly linked to Stripe Setting on the TEST environment and cannot create any express accounts on production environment

I’ve been implementing Stripe Connect (Express Account) with HivePress marketplace, but when the users click the button “Proceed to Stripe” in creating listings or profile settings and try to access to Stripe setting for creating their new accounts, it is FORCIBLY linked to the Stripe TEST environment even I set the following setting for production environment on “Stripe” setting of WooCommerce with the Stripe Payment Gateway plugin;

  • INACTIVE “Enable test mode”
  • LIVE PUBLISHABLE KEY on Edit account keys
  • LIVE SECRET KEY on Edit account keys
  • WEBHOOK SECRET on Edit account keys

How should I set linking to the production environment for users creating new Stripe Express account? Please investigate this issue and fix it ASAP if it is a bug.


Hi @yevhen

Is this a bug? Could you investigate and fix this issue if it is. The release of the service is upcoming, and it’s much critical to me.


HivePress supporters,

Any comments on this? This is the fatal issue for launching the service, and I cannot release the website in public unless this issue is fixed. It would be highly appreciated that you investigate and fix this ASAP.



I’m sorry for the delay. Please make sure that you set a new Stripe Connect API key in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/Stripe (not just in WooCommerce settings for accepting payments), also refresh cache if there are any caching plugins or server-side solutions.

I also recommend testing this with a new vendor, the onboarding link for the existing vendor may be generated with an old test API key. HivePress just uses the key you set to generate an onboarding link and redirects vendors to it, the rest is done on the Stripe side.

Hi @ihor

As the result that I set a new Stripe Connect API key in HivePress and created a new vender, my website linked to the production on Stripe Connect. Thanks so much!

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