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Just wondering if you have a directory where businesses using Hivepress can list their website so others looking for similar services can patronize their services. I noticed the number of businesses using Hivepress have increased and I am sure we have enough expertise within us to cover most business need. Just saying.

If anyone is interested. I run a service freelancing platform called Firmxxperts connecting businesses to Skilled and vetted freelancers.

Interested in learning about other peoples businesses and how we can support/patronize one another. Maybe this is not the right platform for this. But is there a Hivepress forum or facebook group where those interested can connect?


Thank you for the idea, we will think about adding this functionality, but unfortunately, it is not available now. Additionally, I recommend checking out the showcase of our clients Showcase | HivePress

Hi @nancyoo1 , I’ve been contemplating something familiar and would love to engage in further discussion with you. I’m not sure about you, but I’m currently working on developing my idea alone. If there are other HivePress users who are also a bit tech-savvy, I believe there are numerous ways we can assist each other. Some ideas that come to mind include collaborating on feature customization, testing each other’s websites, or simply forming a supportive community for those involved in running a directory business. :blush:

Hi @luna am glad to know am not alone in my thinking. We just have to find a way to make this happen. Hopefully others see the value in this and come on board. Just like you I developed/still developing my idea on my own and have made a number of customizations to “my HIvepress” others might find useful.

Awesome. Thanks for your reply.

I was wondering if this is something @apos37 might also be interested in? I see he helps a lot of people on this site.
I just started working on my project since December and I see some of you all have been here for a while, I was wondering if your site is already live or when are you planning to have it live? how has everyone journey been so far?

Thanks for tagging me. I am happy to help where I can. This is my first time using Hivepress, but I’m a longtime WordPress developer. The site I’m building is for my community. It’s a place where local businesses, organizations and freelancers can post their products and services, and people in the community can search their offerings. I have done a lot of custom work so far, but launch date is set for April 1st. Website is Once it’s live you can check it out and see what I’ve done. Let me know if you put a forum together, too. :+1:


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