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Is it possible to make the sidebar widget (on a listing page for example) full width? When I add a widget via the appearance menu the widget I add displays with a border when I’d prefer to have it look like one of the in-built widgets such as the seller profile or map.

Yes, it’s possible, but this requires a custom CSS snippet, e.g. to target the widget CSS class and unset the padding and border styles.

Thanks Ihor, could you suggest a snippet that would work?

This depends on the widget class, please send a link to this page or check the widget CSS class via the Inspect Element tool:

.widget-class-here {box-shadow:none!important; padding:0!important}

Hi Igor, thanks for that. You can see it here: Static Caravan For Sale In El Campello - Spain Caravan Sales

Please let me know if this issue is resolved, if you mean the " Should we email you" snippet it doesn’t have the padding and shadow already.

Thanks Ihor, I managed to find the CSS Class from the inspect settings. I couldn’t initially see it but I found it and implemented it with the help from your instructions. Many thanks

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