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I’m looking forward buying your theme and your Extensions. I have few questions.

  1. When someone pays on the website, do we collect the money and after a certain amount collected, the “vendor” can request withdrawl? Also - is it possible to set a service % fee from both customer and “vendor” ?

  2. Is it possible to have live chat/message between the “vendor” and the customer ? If yes do you have any video of how does it work? Can you block specific messages if stated in the chat for example a phone number or email adress mentioned in the private chat/livechat?

3.Since our website will be based for vendors-cleaners can they set a price starting price from $XXX ? Also can the vendor send an OFFER in the chat so the customer can pay that way ?

4.Can we have like SPONSORED vendor listings?

  1. Can vendors verify ID’s to veify profiles ?

Thank you!


Thanks for your interest in our products.

  1. Yes, the website works like an “escrow” and your collect all the payments and then manually make payouts or you can set up automate payouts (using Stripe Connect).

The commission is deducted on the seller’s side (when an order is marked as Completed, the order amount minus the commission fee is added to the seller’s balance), if you want to add a fee on the buyer’s side you can try using a custom WooCommerce tax, if you add a global tax and name it e.g. “Service Fee” or “Buyer Fee” it’ll be added to any purchase amount.

  1. We have a messages system, so users can communicate with each other via messages (you can set a list of blocked keywords). But it’s not a live-chat feature. While WordPress is not really suitable for real-time apps, you’ll have to look for some third-party plugin if you want to have “instant messages”

  2. If you mean setting a minimum price, then it can be easily added with a PHP code snippet. With have a requests&offers feature. For example, customers can create requests with job descriptions and desired budgets, while vendors can make offers and bid on those requests.
    Also, users can exchange with attachments using our messages feature (if you want to send something like a PDF offer with bank details).

  3. You can mark certain listings as “Featured”. The featured listings have badges and appear at the top of the search results page.

  4. There’s no such feature at the moment. But you can create a custom field for the vendor registration form, so vendors will have to upload their ID and you’ll be able to manually check the details.

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