General questions

Hello there, I have few questions for this theme

  1. Will I be able to add intergrations to signup or sign in using in google or apple id or fb. Other than normal signups?
  2. Will I be able to change all colors and customization
  3. Will I be able to add functionality doesn’t exits using coding? For example adding long term jobs or contracts?
  4. Can I merge between your 3 themes. For example expert hive and task hive?
  5. What payout options do I have?


  1. It’s possible with the Social Login extension.
  2. Like with any theme, there’s some customization limit depending on the required changes, but you can change the main colors, fonts, backgrounds etc. using options in Appearance/Customize.
  3. If some feature is not available then adding it always requires some third-party plugin or code customizations.
  4. ExpertHive and TaskHive have the same functionality (they include the same set of extensions), only the design is different. Unfortunately there’s no way to merge 2 designs into 1, I recommend choosing a theme that matches your website requirements better.
  5. Currently all the payouts are processed manually (depending on your site terms) so you can indicate any payout methods for sellers.

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