Geolocation not functioning properly, even with all other plugins deactivated

So I’m trying to complete my directory, and for the most part, it’s working. Except for Geolocation. I can get auto suggestions when I type in a location, but clicking on the geolocation icon in the search box does nothing except it asks if I want my browser to detect the location. Even after I say yes, I still can’t just automatically get listings near me. This is on both desktop and mobile and even going into Troubleshooting mode, and deactivating everything but HivePress and the Geolocation add on, does nothing to change that.

Please clarify which is map provider set on your website?


If it is possible please provide a link to your website to test this issue. Also, please try to check how it works in different browsers if it is possible or please check if it works for you in our demo

The site is currenly behind an under construction plugin. So I can’t show it to you but I provided support@ with a login to the backend a couple of days ago.

However, I did try to switch to ListingHive and no difference. You can click on the Geo icon in search but except for the prompt asking if you want to access your location, nothing else happens. :face_exhaling:

Please make sure that you send it manually to If there was an automatic email it may not be delivered (I checked the inbox and couldn’t find an email related to this topic). You can also use this plugin to send a temporary access link via email Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

I sent the email again over to Support. Hopefully, that comes in.

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