Get IDs of HivePress-specific pages

I need to know how to know the id number of the page where the advertisements are created. The page is


Such pages have no IDs, they are also not in the list WP Dashboard > Pages, it’s all the templates that are generated in HivePress, you can customize them, if necessary, in HivePress > Templates.

The problem I have is that I am using a plug-in called popup maker that pops up a floating window of information when a user clicks with the mouse on a data entry field located on the screen where the ad is created and filled in. And the popup maker plug-in I have to tell it to only activate on pages or posts with its own id.

el problema que tengo es que estoy usando un plug-in llamado pop up maker que hace salir una ventana flotante de información cuando un usuario hace clic con el ratón en un campo de entrada de datos ubicado en la pantalla donde se crea y rellena el anuncio. Y el plug-in popup maker tengo que decirle que solo se active en las páginas o entradas o post con su id propio.


Unfortunately, this is not available in our plugin, such pages have no IDs.

Please check your plugin, there may be another way to detect these pages, for example, by using a URL.

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