Google Ads conversion

I would like to set up a conversion in Google Ads that triggers every time a message is sent. I am having difficulty identifying the name of the send message button and the form. We do not have the ability to modify the code of the website pages.
Google requires either the URL of a thank you page (which does not exist), the name of the form element (which I cannot find), or the name of the button to send the message (which I cannot find).

Could you provide me with guidance on how to proceed?

Thank you very much for your help!

Sorry for the delay.

The form has a unique CSS class .hp-form–message-send, the CSS selector for a button would be:

.hp-form--message-send button[type="submit"]

But if Google requires a name or unique ID, you can add it using a code snippet like this one:

	function( $form ) {
		$form['button']['attributes']['name'] = 'unique_name_here';
		$form['button']['attributes']['id'] = 'unique_id_here';

		return $form;