Google Analytics 4 doesn't work

Hello, I have done everything I know to do to get my Google Analytics 4 property to work with the “Statistics” extension for my website, but I still get the error message that I need to set up Google Analytics 4 for it to work. My GA4 property is displaying all website statistics via Google Site Kit, but individual users cannot see statistics for their ads. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks…

I have the same problem

Yes, there’s a known issue with the dashboard notice that doesn’t disappear (we’ll release a quick fix for this), but the stats should be fetched if you granted access in HivePress/Settings/Integrations and set all the details correctly (property ID and measurement ID if you also want to add the tracking code and it’s not added by other GA plugins). You can also try to revoke access and grant it again.

Hi ihor,

I still have a problem with statistics plugin. It did work previoulsy (before switching to GA4).

Right now I think it ha a correct set up:
Measurement ID = “G-…”
Property ID - the one from google named " Google Analytics 4 Property" (9 digits)

However the statistics on the site still does now work (everything is up to date).

Could You please help me with that?

Please send temporary WP access to with details for reproducing this issue and we’ll check it. You can create a temporary access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

If we’re using Google Tag Manager to add GA4 to our site, do we NOT need to fill out the Measurement ID and Property ID? Do we leave those fields blank in the Hivepress integrations settings tab?


Unfortunately, we are not familiar with the configuration of this plugin, but please note that the Measurement ID and Property ID in the Google Analytics section are only for our Statistics extension.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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