Google Maps integration problem

hey ive followed the instructions on the video, and it still shows me error of invalid key map error. please help.


Unfortunately, we can only provide general guidance on how to add keys to HivePress, all of which is described in this doc How to get a Google Maps API key - HivePress Help Center. For more information, I recommend contacting Google support or their docs. Also, as a workaround, I recommend using MapBox, which is easier to set up How to get a Mapbox API key - HivePress Help Center

‚ÄčI hope this is helpful to you.

The guide needs to be updated. Alot of it has changed. And when i do as the guide sayscstep by step it doesnt work. I do already have mapbox but i would prefer to have google maps


Please send a link to your website, we will check it in more detail.

I will send you the link tomorrow via mail to the support mail. Do you giys need back end access aswell?


For now, a link to your website will suffice, without temporary access.

sent mail


Please check your settings because, most likely, you have entered the key incorrectly. Also, you can check this doc How to get a Google Maps API key - HivePress Help Center

Okay ill retest that

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