Google maps not working!

For some reason, Google maps geolocation feature is not working on my public website. When I login to wordpress and then use the feature, it works. Without being logged in it says, “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly.” when I try to enter the location in the search box here:

Don’t understand where the issue is coming from. Any suggestions?

EDIT: when I check the developer options on the page, I see a “Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys. You must use an API key to authenticate each request to Google Maps Platform APIs.” error messages

Here’s how I setup the geolocation service:

Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin (e.g. LiteSpeed), please try to purge all cache on your website or/and change cache settings (e.g. Minify settings) for JS in your cache plugin

I am sorry for the error in the title, just realized!

What do you mean by Minify settings? BTW you are right, there is some issue with the Litespeed cache. Maps begin to work once I disable the plugin but I dont know what setting parameter is causing the issue…

If you use Litespeed please follow this video step by step Improving the Website Performance [ListingHive Course - 10/11] - YouTube to set it up to work correctly with HivePress.

I did, it still doesn’t work. It only works when I disable Litespeed

If the “No API keys” error appears in the console please make sure that the API key is set in HivePress/Settings/Integrations/Google Maps section. If this error still appears check the Litespeed JS settings, for example, it may appear if you checked the “Combine external and inline” option (we don’t recommend checking this option in the tutorial). I recommend adjusting the Litespeed JS settings to check which option causes this issue.

When I turn “JS Combine External and Inline” off it gives a new error “OOps! Something went wrong” in the location field.

EDIT: I apologize. Your solution was bang on, it did work. Maps started loading now. The solution was to turn off “JS Combine External and Inline”. I had some other error in my api key that was causing this new “OOps…” error. Thanks!

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