Guests number influence on booking

Hi there!
I have played around with RentalHive for a while now and I can’t really think of an user case about the price x guests multiplier.
No Rental business would ever multiply the daily rate for the number of guests renting a place, if it’s not just regarding experiences.

Is there a way to get a more useful feature regarding guests? For example: deciding ho much extra guests impact on the final price?

Example: extra guests impact +20% on price/night

  • Property A cost/night= 100 for 1 guest
  • Property A cost/night= 120 for 2 guests
  • Property A cost/night= 144 for 3 guests

Thank you in advance!


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation. But thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

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