Gutenberg block content not generating

I’m trying to create a new home page using Gutenberg Blocks and the Listing Blocks are available, but when I insert them onto the page they don’t generate the content.

Listings are appearing in Elementor, but I don’t want to use it if I don’t have to.


Please try disabling the Gutenberg plugin (this plugin works like an editor that is already in our plugin) and see if the problem persists because this plugin is currently in beta testing.

Hi Andrii,

I’m using the integrated Gutenberg setup directly in WordPress, not a separate plugin. Is there a way someone from the dev team can actually access our site to take a peek?


Sorry for the inconvenience, but customization is beyond our support scope - it includes fixing bugs and guidance about the available features Support Policy | HivePress.

If you need to remove this integrated plugin from your site, please refer to their documentation or support and other developer resources, or consider hiring someone for custom work

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