Header not showing in elementor page builder

I am trying to make a homepage with elementor instead of the standard wordpress builder. When in site layout ‘elementor canvas’ the header doesn’t show and when in ‘elementor full width’, ‘standard’ and ‘theme’ layout, the header shows but the rest of the sitebody is then completely changed to another width. (look at image below)

I’ve also tried creating my own Elementor header to fix this issue but it seems I can’t recreate the account dropdown that comes with the theme since theres no actual pages for these and in adition it is relative to when someone is a vendor (has posted a listing) or not, which is something I can’t recreate without the coding knowledge. If there’s a shortcode to this menu it would be much appreciated otherwise you should really consider creating one since it enables for so much easier customizations with basically any page builder.

In addition I can’t find an option to customize the header in mobile styles which makes everything look wierd, from logo to ‘add listing’ and ‘post a request’. How should a new user know that these are for posting listings and adding requests, since their only icons not really describing what they do. Better to just have that included in a header dropdown… which I found was not possible without an pagebuilder such as Elementor?


We currently don’t 100% support Elementor - while you can add HivePress blocks via Elementor, advanced features are not available yet. I highly recommend using the core WordPress block editor to keep the website fast and lightweight. But we plan to add support in future updates. Also, please check these docs: How to customize pages - HivePress Help Center
How to customize templates - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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