Hebrew tags not saved, only 1- english tags saves all

In hebrew, after second save all the tags disappears and left only with 1 tag
if the tags are in english - they are saved

Steps to reproduce

place tags in listing in hebew - שלום | להתראות

Actual result

then save again a listing, and it will disappear the tags

Expected result

to save the tags after second save

Extra details

where to fix it in the code?


We checked this issue from our side, and it seems okay. Please make sure you add tags using this doc: How to set listing tags - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

My website is in Hebrew and RTL, and tags work with no issues
We have over 50+ tags in Hebrew

how can i send you a video here?
you add tags in hebrew try
שלום, להתראות, כמה
save the listing
then exit the listing come again, and save you will see the tags will dissapear


Yes, we are adding tags in Hebrew. You can send the video to our email: support@hivepress.io

yes it works perfect, in a first save - but if you edit the article again they dissapear

I don’t have any issues with creating Hebrew tags on the platform
However, I do have issues with the tax showing up on listings
But my bag is not related to “Hebrew tags not supported”

hi have you received the video with the issue?


Unfortunately, we did not receive the video.