Hero Featured Image Change Issue

Hi to every one :slight_smile:

I’ll make it quick :

I was applying what this video shows
at 31:45.
In my case, it removes the images and does not replace them with the added ones.
The dimensions are almost identical.

Thank you !

Please make sure that you have selected three images as shown in the video tutorial

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Thank you yevhen.

Do you know if manipulations are required if we want to use elementor for exemple ?

Currently there’s no 100% integration with Elementor, but you can use HivePress blocks when editing pages with Elementor (e.g. Listings, Categories, Vendors…). Some advanced features like full theme editing (e.g. header and footer) are not available in Elementor yet. I highly recommend using the native WP block editor to keep the website fast and lightweight.

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Yep, I tested all that things and it’s better to use the native editor of wordpress. This involves adding css code to customize the different elements.

Thanks ihor

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