Hidden phone and email

Hello is it possible to ask for Phone and email when users post a request? Hide it on the request page unless the person has a subscription? The current membership addon do this?

The goal is to only allow subscribed users to see the email and phone of the request details.

Yes, you can try using the Memberships extension for this, if you add custom Phone and Email attributes in Requests/Attributes and restrict them with membership plans, then only users who purchased a plan will be able to reveal these details.

Is it possible to get the request form to in front of the sign-in process? People get pushed when they first need to sign in but if they fill the form first and are asked to signup after that would be great. Consider it like Bark.com

Or add to other pages via shortcode?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple code snippet for this, a user ID is required to create the request draft used in the request form so it wouldn’t be possible to create and save it before the current user is logged in or registered. Please consider using Social Login to simplify the signup process.

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