Hide "Cancel Booking" after booking is completed

Hi there,

Is there a way of hiding “Cancel Booking” button from bookings which are already completed?
What is the purpose of having it there after the fact?


Screenshot 2023-05-04 111011


Please check this topic Hide Cancel Booking Button on Booking Details Page when Status of Order is Processing

Hi Andrii,

I found that topic, but that’s not what I meant. It hides the “Cancel Booking” button when an order is in “Processing” status only, which doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t want it.

What I mean is to remove the “Cancel Booking” button from past bookings. There is no need to cancel a booking at that point, is it?

E.g.: Today is 05-05-2023

These bookings are in the future, so it is necessary to keep the “Cancel Booking” button. So, it is OK.

This booking is in progress now. It is good to keep the “Cancel Booking” button in case guests want to leave earlier, so the booking can be cancelled which will free the dates in the calendar. So, it is OK here as well.

But, this booking is in the past already. There is no need for cancellation anymore. So, it is NOT OK. The “Cancel Booking” button should not be there.

It there a snippet which will remove the “Cancel Booking” button the last day of the booking?

Thanks a lot for your help and support as usual!

Thanks for the detailed bug report, indeed it’s an issue and we’ll fix this in the next bookings update.

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Hi Ihor,

Would it be possible to remove the “Send Message” button after a booking is completed as well? Together with the “Cancel Booking” button.
There is no need for guests and hosts to be in touch after a booking is done, is it?

Thank you.

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider making this change.


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