Hide empty categories

I would like not for a category to show up if it’s empty.


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Please let me know if you mean hiding categories in the search filter or the drop-down when adding a new listing? Hiding these in the search filters is possible with a simple code snippet, but this may break the category hierarchy.

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Burgers & Sandwiches has no listings (this is the home page - all categories) I don’t want it to appear unless there is a listing under it.

There’s no option to hide empty categories in the block settings yet, but there may be a workaround if you set a specific number of categories and order them by the listing count (so empty categories at the end will be cut off).

Is this something to be created? I want to give owners the option of having a category to pick when adding their restaurant. I don’t want the public to click on categories that are empty.

Thank you for the suggestion; we may consider adding it to future updates.

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