Hide Listing Search Form from category templates

How do I hide the listing search form from category pages (/listing-category/)?
Also, is there a way to customize the search form? I’m looking to have a search form that includes: Arrival, Departure, and Guests. The first two are availability dates.

hello, maybe you can recreate the design via hivepress/template


It seems to me that we customize the categories of pages

Thank you that was much helpful. However it did not address the second question. Any chance you can look into that? I need the search form to be just 3 fields: Arrival, Departure, and Guests. That seems to be the standard for most AirBnB and Hotel sites.

You can create attributes with these names and make them searchable. That would place them in search bar.

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yes, I tried that but I still get “Keyword” and “Location” which I don’t need. And, the results of the search are not accurate. I need to search for availability, not whether or not I have a reservation.

Please try to remove Keywords option from Default Fields setting in HivePress/Settings/Listings

Also, please try this PHP snippet to remove Location field from the listing search form Remove the Location field from the listing search form #hivepress #geolocation · GitHub

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