Hide register button for users

I have tried to use this CSS

body .stm-lms-wrapper.stm-lms-wrapper__login div#stm-lms-register {
    display: none;

body .stm-lms-wrapper.stm-lms-wrapper__login div#stm-lms-login {
    position: relative;
    left: 300px;

body .modal-content .modal-body ul li:nth-child(2) {
    display: none;

but it is not working!
Basically, I only want users to be able to register as vendors not as users first. this works when using the url /register-vendor, but users can still register when they click on sign in and then on register in the window as normal users?


Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, it would require a custom implementation. If customizations beyond the available features are required for your site, please consider hiring someone for custom work https://fvrr.co/32e7LvY

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