Hide the Add to Favorites and Write a Review links from guests

Hi, My Name is Sanjay Kumar. I have developed my entire site by using Hivepress premium plugins.

There is a serious issue in “Listing view page”

In this page I have “Add to favorites” and “Write a review” plugin based blocks appeared which is open for all logged in and logged out users.

I don’t want to display for logged out users.

I want to hide “Add to favorites” and “Write a review” for logged out users only.

Kindly help.

Sorry for the delay.

I highly recommend keeping these links because they motivate users to register, e.g. a guest user clicks the Add to Favorites link and the login/register popup appears, after the registration user can bookmark a listing. Otherwise logged-out users will not even know that the favorites feature exists, while it can motivate some users to register (e.g. to keep a list of favorite listings).

If you want to hide these anyway, this is possible via the CSS code snippet, for example you can try this one:

body:not(.logged-in) .hp-listing__action--favorite,
body:not(.logged-in) .hp-listing__action--review {display:none!important}

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