Hide the exact location of the listing

I’ve noticed that on the listing submission page, users are prompted for their location (which is good), and that they can enter their precise location, a neighborhood, zip code, etc. Unfortunately though, whatever they enter is then displayed on the listing.

  1. How can I make it to the address does not show on the listing, until a booking is accepted/approved? I do still want the map to show on the listing, just not the full address of the listing (it’s extremely unsafe for it to be set up this way).

I moderate the listings. And make sure the vendor/host only puts a general display location (like city or county). Once they booking is confirmed, I have the host send them the exact location via a note.

Thanks, I’m hoping that there is a code-based solution to ensure nothing is missed.


If you use Google Maps, please enable Hide the exact address feature in HivePress > Settings > Geolocation.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Unfortunately it doesn’t. That setting does keep the map from showing the exact location, but the location still shows under the listing title on the listing page.

Note: Running a php snippet can hide the exact address, but its still visible in the source code.

I need:

  1. For users to be able to put the address of the item in when setting up a listing.
  2. For the address to NOT display (in code or otherwise) on the listing pages.
  3. When a booking is confirmed, for the address to be able to be sent to the client.


Please note that this feature works only for Google Maps. After enabling this feature, you need to re-save the location in the listings (i.e., change the current location to any other location, then change it back) and save the changes.

Thank you, I was able to reconfigure my keys and got google maps working.

How does the exact location get sent to the user once the booking is confirmed and paid for though?


Unfortunately, the Geolocation extension is not currently linked to the Bookings extension. However, as a workaround, you can enable the booking note feature in HivePress > Settings > Listings > Allow sellers to add purchase notes and enter this information there. Please note that the booking note is displayed after the booking is confirmed.

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