Hide vendor dashboard graphs

I just noticed that the client dashboard is showing misleading numbers. It’s showing the revenue figure as the sum of what’s charged to the users, not just the revenue that goes to the vendor.

EX: A vendor lists something at $1.00, with a $1.00 security deposit. The platform has a $2.00 platform fee.

The dashboard is showing $5.00 as revenue to the vendor, rather than their earnings (no security deposit, no platform fees - should be item cost - platform fees for vendors).

ADDITIONALLY: The payout balance showing on the dashboard doesn’t match the earnings that I manually calculate from the received orders page (looking at test accounts). EX: Balance says “$8.55”, but no combination of received orders earnings adds up to $8.55.

I have sent access to the support email, and am specifically looking at the johnny test account if you want to log in and troubleshoot this (from boroughborrow).

Please fix ASAP or provide a fix via php for this issue.


Unfortunately, there is no simple snippet to display the details in a different way. But thank you for your feedback; we will try to improve the UI/UX.

Is there a way to hide the graphs from the dashboard then?


Please use this CSS snippet:

.hp-template--vendor-dashboard-page canvas.hp-chart {
	display: none !important;

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