Hire someone from HivePress for customizations

Is it possible to hire someone from Hivepress to do custom work?


We don’t offer customization services yet, but we plan to launch a HivePress Experts program to recommend freelancers familiar with HivePress (already accepting applications). If there are common changes (e.g. layout/styling) required then HivePress-specific skills are not needed, any WP developer will be able to help - in this case please consider hiring someone via Fiverr https://fvrr.co/32e7LvY

Would I need someone who is a WP developer? Or could I also get someone who is proficient at PHP only?

I recommend hiring someone with good WordPress experience because they are more familiar with customizing themes/plugins, please check the WordPress services category on Fiverr (you can also check Upwork or any other freelance platform).

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