HivePress 1.6.10

  • Added new user display name formats
    There are 2 new formats available in HivePress/Settings/Users/Display (first name + first letter of last name, first letter of first name + last name).
  • Added delay for the usage sharing notice
    Now it appears 2 days after the installation.
  • Fixed loading category-specific search fields
    If category ID is passed during the form initialization, then the form will load the category-specific fields correctly.
  • Fixed page container width for third-party themes
    Now it’s limited to 1200px, to ensure that at least the page container is not broken in all third-party themes.
  • Fixed clearing cache on create/update/delete actions
    There was a bug with clearing cache for listings, vendors and categories.
  • Fixed phone field formatting with spaces
    Now spaces are allowed for readability but removed during the data validation automatically.
  • Fixed checkboxes and radio buttons validation
    It was broken because the checkboxes and radio buttons were hidden and not focusable.
  • Fixed loading default editor blocks
    Now blocks are loaded on the editor pages only which improves performance.

Thank you for the note!

PS: Not sure when the Replying to reviews was added. But these are improvements worth to celebrate today. :slight_smile:

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