HivePress 1.6.11

  • Added Action Scheduler helpers and hooks
    Now it’s easy for extensions to schedule and track actions.
  • Added optional sharing of usage data
    The usage data is now properly collected and sent to HivePress API.
  • Added affiliate API for theme developers
    Now theme developers can earn by setting their affiliate ID in the theme stylesheet.
  • Added category to the vendor search form
    It’s now possible to select the category drop-down to appear in the vendor search form.
  • Added automatic loading of HivePress Updates
    Updater for the premium themes and extensions is now loaded automatically if available.
  • Added default country for the phone fields
    There’s an option for selecting the country calling code displayed by default.
  • Fixed allowed characters in phone numbers
    Now it’s ok to use dashes in the phone numbers (e.g. for Canadian phone numbers).
  • Fixed filtering listings by number ranges
    If boundary values are selected in the number range filters, it works like “show all”.
  • Fixed back-end UI for selectable attributes
    Selectable attributes are now displayed as other attributes instead of separate boxes.
  • Fixed usage sharing notice appearance delay
    Sharing usage consent notice was hidden for websites created before the recent update.

“HTML support to the category description” was promised in the next theme/plugin update. Will it come in the next ListingHive theme update (not hivepress plugin update)?

Yes, this fix is related to the theme update (not the HivePress core update) so this will be fixed in the next ListingHive release.

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