HivePress 1.6.14

  • Added enabled dates option for date picker
    This is required for the upcoming Bookings update.
  • Fixed read-only styles for checkboxes
    Now required pricing extras in Marketplace are non-clickable.
  • Fixed listing details page redirect
    This is required for the upcoming Paid Listings update.
  • Fixed WooCommerce orders page
    There was an incompatibility issue with the order template.

Thank you Ihor

Thank you.

Was expecting to see the offers notification update. just like when somebody sends you a message and you get that red notification at the top. was expecting to see that when someone get offers for requests

  1. what’s the probability that order page wont go missing again if woocommerce update their plugin


Thanks for the works. Can you please explain this one please :

Thanks for this.


Hi Zak,

After update, In the Extra section now it can be made mandatory and not optional. For instance, I have a hosting site, and now I can put an extra cleaning fee and make it mandatory. Before there was a small select box and this was optional for the user. That did not work for me because I needed to have this extra cleaning fee as mandatory.

So basically after the update, you can see the box but it no longer says optional and the user can also not click on it or select it.

Huummmm okay Thank you ! And for marketplace, are vendors able to choose if an extras is mandatory or optional ?

Yes before it was only optional, now the vendor gets to decide. It is very useful. I use both. The host/vendor can charge for upgrades or mandatory fees like cleaning or for more guest count. What’s cool about extra is that you can charge per place (guest), per booking, per hour, etc.) With this upgrade it is pretty complete, they have really been fine tuning it. Little by little hivepress is getting better

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Okay thanks man. i appreciate you ! And yes HivePress is getting very efficient. I was there since kind of the begining. Even Since the last version of the forum and it is getting everyday better

Yes I didn’t even know about the old forum. I looked at it, and wow what a difference. This new community forum is much better!

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Thanks, I’m really happy to see the community growing, will try to deliver new features/improvements as soon as possible. We also plan to launch the HivePress Experts program and affiliate program for developers within 2 weeks.

@Omaas This was a core HivePress update, we’ll deliver request-specific features with the HivePress Requests extension update. Since WooCommerce is a third-party plugin issues like this may occur, but we’ll try to beta test upcoming WooCommerce versions to prevent this.

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Nice work :+1:

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Thanks @ihor

Do you have any news regarding email notifications to the seller when they receive a customer review?

I would like to make a contest for my pros, whoever reports the most reviews wins a paid pack but I need them to receive this notification automatically.

I am also thinking of those who have a marketplace or a booking site and who would surely like to have this function​:wink::muscle:


This one should be available in the next HivePress Reviews update.

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any update about dependent attributes? eagerly waiting …

Sorry, not available yet but we’ll implement this sooner or later. Please try using category-specific attributes and multi-level selectable attributes as a workaround.

Hi all,

I’m still experiencing the issue with the listing details page redirecting to the profile page.

I’ve tried reinstalling the plugin, disabling, and reenabling but no luck.

Any other fix I can try?

Please share more details about this issue, do you mean that when you try to add a listing there’s a Complete Profile page instead of Add Details? It appears if there’s at least 1 required vendor field that’s not filled in, please check custom vendor attributes in Vendors/Attributes and custom code snippets (if there are any). Also, this page appears if you enable Stripe Connect in Marketplace.

Thats correct, when i click the “add listing” button it redirects me to profile url path (submit-listing/profile/)

I did have a customer vendor attribute but I remove it and the issue is still the same. There are not custom code snippets on the site or stripe connect.

Any other suggestions?


strange, but the button started working again after I added a test listing from the admin area. Before then there were no listings.