HivePress 1.6.15

  • Added account drop-down menu
    Now it’s part of the main menu, following its styles.
  • Added link to view the vendor profile
    The link appears at the bottom of the profile form.
  • Added video support to the listing gallery
    It’s possible to upload videos as part of the gallery.
  • Added multiple dates selection mode
    This is a new option for developers in the date field.
  • Added npm for managing assets
    Now the JS scripts are always up-to-date due to npm.
  • Fixed concurrent file uploads
    There was an issue with selecting multiple files at once.
  • Fixed auto-paragraphs in the editor
    Paragraphs didn’t work for Textarea fields with Editor.
  • Fixed MailChimp integration
    Now the Mailchimp checkbox should appear via MC4WP.
  • Fixed responsive date picker
    Date statuses were overflowing the visible area on mobile.
  • Fixed overriding minimum dates
    Now the minimum date has a higher priority than the offset.
  • Fixed listing slider for RTL
    It was broken for the image carousel in RTL layouts.

@Ihor, thanks for this update. It’s bravo. However, I noticed after the update my listing images stop showing.

I updated in our test environment and the calendar is still not fixed. Also new issues were introduced with the time displaying odd with a vertical line in them.

Issue 1) User can still pick today or prior days when booking offset is set to 5

Issue 2) Times appear funky with a vertical line in them when they are selected

Issue 3) Times are not cleared from the list when selecting a new day on the calendar

Issue 4) Times are not removed from the list even when you have already selected a time


Havent gotten to test these features yet, but I am excited!

A bunch of cool features and fixes. Good job :+1:

Also another challenge is that Admin appeared twice in the menu drop down.

First thing I have noticed is that the user account menu item has disappeared and the action items have swapped places. current view vs previous view shown
Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 8.30.58 AM
Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 8.32.21 AM

Hi, can you advice how can I make the same menu as yours?

After of update, my images and the options of dates and hours, don’t show.



What’s the issue? Ca you fix that?

Thank you!

Mine also has the vertical line showing.

When vendors update a listing, the listing is forced into manual approval even though manual approval is deselected.

Do you mean the yellow button with “Post Job” label?

Yes, and the wallet and admin access.

Okay, for the wallet, simply install TeraWallet – For WooCommerce by Standalone Tech. The admin access comes with the current hivepress update. And the yellow button comes with some modification and customization. but first of all you will need a “header and footer sript plugin.” I will engage you on that later on further steps. I am in the midst of something. Kindly send me a reminder in about 8 hrs please.

Fantastic, thank you for details!
Do you use some developer to make customization ? if yes, I will be more then happy if you can share the developer details.

Thanks everyone, and sorry for the issues - these will be fixed in the next update, it’s planned for tomorrow. Yes, we moved the account link to the main menu to add the drop-down feature, so the position may be odd for themes with centered menus, we’ll try to find a solution for this.


Thank you Ihor. Are you guys already find new developers for the team? Now the devolping will speed up?

Yes, we had a new developer last month but it didn’t work out, so we’re still looking - hopefully after launching the HivePress Experts program someone will join our team, we’ll also look in WordPress-specific communities on Facebook and Reddit.

An easy option to disable the drop-down menu would be appreciated here.
Curiously I made almost the exact same dropdown a little while ago.
Inspiration or coincidence? Either way, kinda neat.

Please try this code snippet to disable a new account link and use the old one Log in and register button is gone - #4 by ihor

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