HivePress 1.6.17

It’s not available in the search form yet, but we’ll check if it can be re-used, if so then this will be also available in the next update.

Thank you.
It’ll be a valued addition to the Search

What’s this fonctionnality:

- Added a method for fetching email tokens
A new method for developers customizing emails.

Thk u

It’s for developers, not if you have an email object you can get tokens this way:


ok, thk u ihor

do you have any news about sending notification at sellers when they receives a review so they can respond to it?

This requires a HivePress Reviews update, there’s no exact timeframe but we’ll try to release it as soon as possible.


Ok, thk u.

Thank you !!!

Here it is !

this is great!

found it finally!

after you choose main category and under the attributes it finally appears

You have to have minimum 20 options, hierarchical or not. However I don’t know how to change the number of 20. Maybe with a snippet…

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Sorry, no filter for this yet - it’s set in the JS code hivepress/common.js at master · hivepress/hivepress · GitHub