HivePress 1.6.18

  • Added default texts to custom emails
    The default text is set for a new email when the event is selected.
  • Fixed adding prefix to empty URL fields
    HTTPS prefix was added to empty URL fields when clicking away.
  • Fixed compatibility with Gutenberg
    There was an issue with the upcoming Gutenberg update.
  • Fixed duplicating listing archives
    Now listing archives are redirected to the Listings page for SEO.
  • Fixed loading listing images
    Sometimes listing images were not loaded on the listing pages.
  • Fixed failed recurring actions
    There were failed recurring actions in the Action Scheduler logs.

Thanks ihor, loading listing images is now fixed.

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Hi ihor.
Can you confirm that this problem is fixed in this update?

Sorry, it’s not yet but we also plan to release a new update next week, this fix will be included.

Hi, is the issue with the user dashboard showing twice on dropdown mobile fixed?

Sorry, not yet, but this issue shouldn’t occur if there are no third-party elements inserted in the menu area (e.g. via other plugins) that affect the :first-child and :last-child CSS selectors.

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