HivePress 1.7.0

  • Added profile pages for users
    Now it’s possible to enable profile pages for regular users.
  • Added attributes for user profiles
    Create custom attributes for users in the same way as for vendors.
  • Added verified badges for users
    An extra option to mark users as verified and display a badge.
  • Added API for user meta boxes
    Developers can define meta boxes in the same way as for posts.
  • Added verification for email changes
    Now email verification is required if the email is changed.
  • Fixed registration email with verification
    Registration email is sent only after the email is verified.
  • Fixed duplicated account menu items
    Menu items were duplicated in Customizer preview mode.
  • Fixed redirect from archive pages
    Now RSS feeds and pages with the same URL are fixed.
  • Fixed compatibility with Elementor
    There’s a new API for creating Elementor widgets.
  • Fixed compatibility with Gutenberg
    There were a few deprecation notices in JS console.

Thanks, specifically for the user’s profile.


Thank you @ihor and all the team! Hivepress is amazing! :+1:


Very excited to check out the new features and fixes. Thank you!

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How do I make that users should must complete their profile before making any booking the same way Vendors need to before listing anything?


Unfortunately there’s no way to do this yet, required fields are enforced in the account settings form only but plan to improve this (e.g. by adding an option to require fields in the initial registration form).

How and where are the profile pages searchable? or is this just something that vendors can search if there is contact made by the user? Also on the user attributes, when using the select field type, the options field is not available to add the selection options.

Thank you for these additions, they will be extremely helpful.

Regular user profiles are not searchable at the moment and this is not planned, but vendor profiles are searchable. User profiles can be accessed via direct links (e.g. usernames will be clickable in the next Reviews and Messages updates) or if you allow indexing them by Google they’ll also appear in the search results.

Please post a bug report about select attributes, we’ll check this Bug Reports - HivePress Community


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