HivePress overides custom My-Account template from woocomerce

I have a custom login/signup template set up in woocomerce/myaccount
if HivePress is disabled - it works fine.
If I enable HivePress, for some reason it is not working anymore - I see HivePress login view.
In hivepress/templates/woocommerce/myaccount/my-account.php I tried to comment
//echo ( new HivePress\Blocks\Template( [ ‘template’ => ‘user_account_page’ ] ) )->render();
but it still didn’t help.
In HivePress settings I do not see an option to disable it’s Login view.
If I try to set a custom template (specify woocomerce my-account shortcode) for Login page in HivePress settings, it just breaks the view as a result.
Do you have a guess what else I can try to do?


Unfortunately, there is no such possibility to use two menu accounts, as HivePress has its own personal template. I recommend that you consider deleting your WooCommerce account template if you need the HivePress extension.

Thank you Andrii for a quick response, you saved my time in attempts to make it work together.
Will see what else I can do.

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