HivePress Services for Hire?

In order to speed up my development and testing of site, bring it live, does the HivePress team offer a service to configure all of the little setting required per our needs for a fee? For example, we create a wish-list and we pay the HivePress team a fee to deliver on that Wish List.

Yes, we offered customization services but had to take a break to deliver more updates for HivePress and its themes/extensions. We’re looking to hire 2-3 developers to create a dedicated team for customization services soon (we’ll send out a newsletter about this).
If you mean crowdfunding features we tried this via Patreon but it had no effect. Please feel free to suggest features in the Feature Requests section Feature Requests - HivePress Community
If you need someone to set up your site please consider hiring someone via Fiverr or Upwork (e.g. Fiver has a category for WordPress services). I can help with some HivePress-specific guidance if required, but most developers with WordPress experience should be able to help.

Yes. I was looking for configuration specific to HivePress. We have a WordPress developer helping, but he is not familiar with your solution. I was hoping if we created a punch list of needs/wants, we can pay your staff to do the work, since you are the experts. :slight_smile:

Sorry, we don’t offer such services at the moment but if you have any questions about setting up HivePress and its existing settings please post them on the forum - this is within our support scope. If you mean customizing some HivePress features and layouts we have a few video screencasts for developers Creating an Extension | HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube
Hope this helps.

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