HiveRent Season Prices

Hi guys,
Is there any option to have season rates for properties listed in HiveRent?
All properties have different rates during the year and nobody will be able to rent during summer at same rent as in the winter for sea side properties (just an example).

Yes, currently it’s possible if you also have the Marketplace extension installed and the day-based bookings are enabled. Please enable variable pricing in HivePress/Settings/Bookings section, then hosts can select any date ranges and set custom prices for them in the calendar.

I don’t have any variable pricing in HivePress/Settings/Bookings section.
Also Marketplace extension is installed. I’m missing something? See bellow.

Sorry, this feature is not available for “multiple places per booking” yet because calculating availability would cause performance issues (we’re working on resolving this). Currently the date availability search is available for regular bookings (one booking per listing per time period).

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