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I have a property website based in London, UK, using the theme Listings Hive. However i have been given advice to improve UX experience by personalising the home page that is already dynamic and show relevant property listings to the user location. Also when a user is returning to display previous searches and properties based on previous preferences.
I have been asking everywhere ( all major freelance websites) , but nobody seems to know what that is .
Can someone tell me if they had the same problem and if there are existing plugins to help with.
Some freelancers have said that it will cost thousands of pounds to do this .

Unfortunately there’s no reliable way to detect the location automatically and pre-filter listings or show a custom Home page depending on location, this would require a custom implementation. It may be possible to check the user IP in the location/IP tables but many users have VPN nowadays.

Please try using the Locate Me feature (icon in the Location field) available in the Geolocation extension, it requires a single click but it fetches the location from the browser, asking users for consent to share the location first.

Thanks for your reply. I can’t find that in my dashboard. Can you send me a screenshot of how it looks like. Thanks

Please check HivePress Geolocation in HivePress/Extensions section. If it’s installed and set up, there will be a new Location field in the search form. This field also has the Locate Me icon on the right, it fetches and pre-fills the current user location on click.

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