Host tel and mail

Hello, I have a problem, I made mandatory the phone to add an ad, and the user connects with an email, but in the Host space, these information (phone number and email are not filled) and I am obliged to go looking for his information: in the ad and in the space “accounts” to have the phone and email - is there a function so that the phone number and email address is recorded in the “host”, thank you


If you mean synchronization of listings attributes with vendor attributes, unfortunately, this feature is not yet available, but we plan to add it.

No, i only need, tel number and mail been insert in host page (screenshot)


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation.

all I need is for the host (provider) to be obliged to fill in his phone and mail in this place (host page) donc c’est impossible, il faut le faire manuellement par nous même à chaque annonce ?


Sorry for the confusion.

You can edit your listing attributes and mark them as required, then the vendor will not be able to publish the listing until they fill in these fields How to add listing attributes - HivePress Help Center

I succeeded otherwise, by adding the host attribute and making them mandatory: the problem is that it works for the phone, but for the mail: there is no frame to fill in the mail and it tells me: “mail mandatory”

Please make sure that you also marked this attribute as Editable, then it should appear in the Complete Profile form (unless the page is cached).

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