Hot to set up Name instead of user name for clients/guess?

Hi @yevhen and @ihor,

I wonder if there is a way to only show the Name and Lastname instead of username (that normally is a random name) when making bookings? Apparently, right now, what is shown in the username so hosts do not know how to call the users when interacting with them via messages (what name to use to refer to them).

Thank you!

It is possible to display the full name for vendors/users if you set the user display name to Full Name in the HivePress/Settings/Users/Display section and the vendor display name to User Name.

Hi Yevhen,

I am confused. Right now, I had the setting HivePress/Settings/Users/Display - Full name. However, it is not portraying the full name in the booking; that is what I want but is not working. . So you suggest adding the User name option, which is the random username users add when registering, right? That is what I DO NOT WANT.

I saw that another person on the forum had the contact information of the buyer in the orders information as the screenshot below. Could you please tell me how to add this? This could solve my problem.

Thank you!

The User Name setting just defines how the user name should be displayed (not username, this is like a nickname). If you set it, new users or those re-saving their profile will get their name displayed according to the new setting. It doesn’t switch names for existing users, the name is re-generated when a user is registered or the user profile is re-saved. If you set this setting to “full name” please try re-saving this user in WordPress/Users, a newly generated name should appear based on the setting you selected.

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