How about that Roadmap?

I know there have been many posts requesting this action. I’d really like to understand where the theme is heading. There are a lot of responses to questions that say “That will require customization.”

That is a totally fair response, but before I customize it would be helpful to know the roadmap. This is on the fringe of being something super cool…

Will you integrate with Elementor?
Can templates be created just for mobile?
So many questions…

Many people here are building their business on your theme. Where are we going?

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We’re sorry for the delay, we had some issues, so we couldn’t do it sooner. If everything goes according to plan, we will publish the roadmap by the end of this week. Yes, we are planning to integrate Elementor. As for the mobile-specific template, we are not considering such a feature yet, but if you are talking about a separate design for mobile, then it is just a responsive layout.

I believe this will be useful to you.

I appreciate the attention given to our feedback. However, I’ve noticed that despite various discussions about potential monetization strategies, no concrete actions have been taken. It would be greatly appreciated if we could see some progress on the promises made, especially on monetization.

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