How can i add custom fields to the user registration form

I want to add new requirements but i don´t know how.

Thank you

What do you mean by changing the requirements? Like what?

i mean to add for example the country you are, or your phone number

It’s possible for vendors (in Vendors/Attributes), but there’s no such feature for regular users yet since they don’t have profile pages, only vendors have these.

By default there’s no option to move fields to the initial user registration form.

Hivepress plans to add the same functionality for users (custom attributes) in the upcoming updates.

As far as I know you can only add attachment option for users.

Question: “I see, until then, are you compatible with any Wordpress plugin who could do the job? I tried “Ultimate Member – User Profile, User Registration, Login & Membership Plugin!” but the user registration was conflicting with the one already existing (if this makes sense). Not sure if there is any way to make it work”

Repsonse: “If it’s urgent you can try some third-party member directory and profile listing plugins, since HivePress uses the same users registered in WP it should be ok. There may be conflicts if the plugin duplicates some HivePress features, e.g. the front-end profile pages.”

The only code snippet I currently found for registration form, is that you can make the first name and last name required for registering.

Yes, please try adding vendor-specific fields in Vendors/Attributes (if you mark them as Editable and Required then users who try to list something will have to fill them for their profile). For regular users, you can move some of the fields to the registration form, e.g. using this code snippet Add first and last name fields to the user registration form #hivepress #users · GitHub

I want to change the requirements of the register but i do not know how.

Thank you for your help

It’s possible, but further customizations would be required to validate, save and display the field values somewhere. It’s possible without customizations already, but for vendors only (by adding attributes in Vendors/Attributes section).

You can only currently make the first and last name required for users, using the above code snippet link provided by ihor.

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